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Times have changed and so did our reels. Finally with the more current standards of CNC/automated machining, and the need for more power in a small, more compact size, comes a brand of fishing reels that rise’s above all its competition.

We, at Montauk Fishing Gear have engineered 30 to 80% more drag capacities and added 20 to 50% more ball bearings, to ensure a powerful yet smooth experience. Lighter than most reels of the same power capability by more than can be imagined, we have successfully decreased the size and class of most reels need, thereby reducing user fatigue and allowing children and people of all ages to fish harder and longer without complaining that the reel is too heavy.

Now finally you can step into a new generation of fishing reels, and feel comfortable, with piece of mind that no matter what fish, no matter how big or how strong it may be, you will succeed if you are using a Montauk Fishing Gear reel.

Our Products

Ensuring absolute confidence for the toughest fishing conditions, Montauk Fishing Gear Reels are designed and continually optimized under real world weather conditions. Our reels will measure up to the toughest standards because like you we are avid fisherman and like to deliver to you proven fishing technology and innovations... 'read more'

About us

Montauk fishing Gear reels are some of the finest built fishing reels available on the market today! We have spent over two decades testing all kinds of fishing gear. The products we test have been used by us in the West Coast, Mexico, Southern California and recently in the waters off the coast of the Florida keys and the Bahamas... 'read more'