Captain Jimmy George


This year, another world record striped bass will be caught by Captain Jimmy George of the Nicole Marie on a Montauk Fishing Gear reel.

World famous record holder, Captain Jimmy George will set out this summer from May 15th 2011, till the end of the season in an attempt to capture the world record stripped bass.

In the not so distant past, Captain Jimmy George has made headline news in articles published around the world, (even in Japan).

The quest has begun and the time is now. This fish will be caught on a MONTAUK FISHING GEAR reel, and it will be kept alive and released.

Montauk Fishing Gear has worked closely with Captain Jimmy George to design reels to suit the current needs of fishermen. He explained that his WORLD FAMOUS patented “Secret Spoon” requires much more than the standard reels can offer, in fact, if you read his quotes on his website you will see that he, too, has “blown up many” a traditional reel using his proven techniques to catch giant striped bass.

Montauk Fishing Gear has changed all this and now Captain Jimmy wont “blow” up any more reels.

The captain has decided this is the year, and will forgo all else, in the attempt to get the ever illusive 80 pound striped bass.

We will keep you posted on the captain’s attempts and post picture as Jimmy George continues to catch MONSTER BASS.