Captain Mark Marose

Captain Mark Using Montauk Fishing Reels

Captain Mark Marose of the vessel Capt. Mark (pictured right), a 30+ year veteran of professional charter and commercial fishing off the waters of Montauk and guest head mate Captain Keith of the Captain Keith of Montauk (Pictured Left), has chosen Montauk Fishing Gear as his reels of Choice.

Captain Mark has consulted closely with Montauk Fishing Gear to make our reels make a difference in fishing, allowing for a more rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience.

We have designed lighter reels with more power, so young children and adults of all ages can relax with our ergonomically designed, comfort of our power grip handle. For those of you who wish the “flash” of our CNC cross drilled aluminum power handle, do not fret; with the turn of a screw you can switch out our handles.

Captain Mark Marose has spent many years on the ocean only to realize that the “traditional” brands of reels, with there limitations of drag, smaller gears, and poorly balanced spools lead up to one: thing premature failure, causing him to “rebuild” these reels weekly.

After consulting with Captain Mark, Commercial and professional fisherman, and numerous sports fishermen, we have designed almost our entire line of reels with numerous innovations such as:

  • Balanced, evenly point loaded internal bearings, in fact our smallest reel has a 6 bearing design, and most have 9 ball bearings and even up to 11.
  • Super comfortable ergonomically designed handles in three configuration, the power knob in 7 colors, the comfort power handle with a non slip grip, and the CNC power handle in 7 colors.
  • Lightweight power to weight ratios throughout the product line. Dare to compare the size, power and overall weight to the existing products and you will find that most do not come even close.
  • Use of an ingenoius design involving the use of USA made, oversised carbon fiber drag washer in conjunction with titanium and stainless steel spacing washers to create incredible stopping power.
  • Captain Mark Marose has officially endorsed and continually consults with Montauk Fishing Gear. He will be more than happy to take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime and while aboard the Captain Marc please enjoy using our finest new fishing reels.

    Please feel free to click on the link below to contact Captain Mark Marose of the Capt. Mark and enjoy fishing with one of the most popular charter captains in Montauk and don’t forget to enter to win.

    Contest: Captain Marc Summer Slam Contest

    Register to win a free Montauk Fishing Gear reel when charter you book a trip with Captain Mark.

    2 months 2 chances to win: First 50# striped bass per month ( JUNE, JULY) wins a Montauk Fishing Gear ZR802-15.

    3 months 3 chances to win: First 12# Fluke per month (JUNE, JULY, AUGUST) wins a Montauk Fishing Gear ZR802-10.

    Tuna and Shark Challenge: 3 Largest tuna & 3 largest Shark (Blue Sharks not allowed, May 1st to October 31st, 2011) caught will enter into a drawing. One lucky winner will win a BTR801- 30 W or 50W.

    All fish for all of the contest must be officially weighed in at GONE FISHING MARINA in Montauk NY.

    We prefer the striped bass to be kept alive, weighed, photographed, and released. (Please understand conservation is a concern of Montauk Fishing Gear, however we realize it is the right to keep the fish)

    Click here to enter contest