BTR Series Reels

The BTR trolling series from Montauk Fishing Gear is everything that today’s offshore fisherman desires and for all the right reasons. Too many times we hear that someone “Lost the big fish” when the couldn’t stop the run... Most of have heard this and similar stories, and many a fisherman who use traditional 30’s or 50’s, but upped line class to 80, 100, or even 130# line still lose the fight to that big fish on the little reel when the drag just cant stop the monster. The truth is that traditional reels are not designed for the newer, stronger braided lines. Here at Montauk Fishing gear we have answered the call, and put the power in a smaller package. We have added 50 to 80% more drag than most of our competitors and helped to smooth out the added power by adding more bearings to distribute load, all the while managing to keep our weights well with in the normal ranges of most off shore reels. We realize that you require only the finest quality, that’s why we use Cal’s Universal drag grease on the drag washers. Quality and care are taken seriously and we go one step further, after inspection we carefully pack each BTR reel in a Neoprene rubber/cloth embossed cover, to ensure that each reel is perfect when it arrives to you.