Montauk Fishing Gear came to be, due to our passion for fishing, the pure love of the sport, and the need for an affordable, high quality products.

Over the last two decades we have rigorously tested new models of fishing reels, only to find that a “lack of worth vs. cost” exists and we have decided to change this problem. Our main goal is to provide high quality products and service to the customer, while offering them at affordable prices.

Montauk Fishing Gear is on a mission to provide a tight dealership network with service centers for warrantee within an hour or less travel time to most of our customers. Aiming high, we will continually strive to provide quality products and a high level of customer service.

Unlike other online stores and manufacturers, who sell directly to consumers and leave them the burden of calling, the hassle of shipping, and all other incurred expenses, our service will be provided LOCALLY, while our website will provide you with all the product and dealer information you need.

Montauk fishing Gear reels are some of the finest built fishing reels available on the market today! We, at MFG, all fish in the waters off Montauk and have spent over two decades testing all kinds of fishing gear. The products we test have been used by us on the West Coast, Mexico, Southern California, and recently in the Florida keys and the Bahamas.

Fishing the waters of California’s Baja peninsula, Florida keys, and the Dry Tortugas with Montauk Fishing Gear was the greatest tests of all, giving us confirmation that we have successfully brought you the best possible reel, regardless of location or ocean.

The products we offer are rigorously tested before being offered to you. We go trough countless discussions with reel repair centers, fishing gear designers as well as numerous fisherman in the sport fishing and commercial fishing applications from around the world, to make certain the designs we offer fit the “NEW” standards of high tech fishing (lightweight, strong, comfortable and power packed for their size).

Designed to outperform any other top brand, we at Montauk Fishing Gear believe in the newer technologies that allow for lighter/smaller fishing reels that help avoid the fisherman’s physical fatigue and lessen the stress on your body.

Every Montauk Fishing Gear reel is inspected before assembly, they are lubricated with Cal’s Drag Grease and calibrated before being packaged. Our reels are also covered by one of the best warranties in the industry. Montauk Fishing Gear off shore reels are under a 3 year Warranty!, and a 2 year warranty for the Inshore model reels. Most of our competitors offer only a 1 year warranty, so we are supplying you with 3 times the coverage. Plus, in most areas where you purchase our products, warranty issues can be handled at your local dealer.

Montauk Fishing Gear will be releasing a complete line of products over the next 12 months, including Custom fishing rods, monofilament, fluorocarbon, braided line and terminal tackle as well.

Our main goal: Provide high quality at fair prices. We only exist to serve you, so if you have any problems with any of our products or dealers, just let us know via:


  • Email:
  • Phone: 646-397-FISH (3474)